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With globalisation and social media, English-language intercommunication is becoming more and more important these days. Yet, it is hard to find kindred spirits after school when you’re starting out at work, at uni, or at an apprenticeship.

We, the English Cultural Association e.V., have set the goal of furthering English-language culture and intercommunication in Würzburg; be it through informal events like our regulars’ table and our park quiz, through formal readings, stage productions, and theater trips.

How it started: 

The founding myth

A tale by Reinhild Kokula

Part I

We’re a group of young, cheerful people who love to laugh, act, and get to know new things – preferably in English.
We got to know each other in the English Drama Group of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg and between the lot of us contributed to over 15 productions – as actors, directors, choreographers, producers and backstage workers. During our time in the EDG we realized: We don’t just enjoy English-language theater, we also rather enjoy each other’s company.

But even the longest course of studies must come to an end, though nobody really wanted to say “Goodbye!”. Because the English Drama Group was not allowed to meet in person due to pandemic restrictions in 2020, we finally had the push to put on our own play outside of the university’s infrastructure – Gasping by Ben Elton.

We loved this, but all got the German urge for structure and red tape quite quickly which is why we formalized our grouping into an association – and that’s how, after a lot of paperwork and even more waiting, the English Cultural Association Würzburg e.V. was born.

Our association’s goal is furthering English-language culture and intercommunication in Würzburg, be it through pub quizzes, regulars’ tables, and game nights, or through our own stage productions, readings, and theater trips.

Have we piqued your interest? Come to one of our events or become a member!

Introduction of the
association board

Philipp Raab

chairman of the association board

Sebastian Suttner

deputy chairman of the association board



treasurer of the association board

Andreas Stahlmann

secretary of the association board



member of the association board

Emma Ludwig

member of the association board



member of the association board



member of the association board



member of the association board

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